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Ikebana is the book I am working on now

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A video rendering of the first pages of the manuscript for an art and Haiku book that I am working on, called Ikebana.

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The First Amendment Was It Right?

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances."---This small paragraph convinced me that I have to leave my family far behind, and follow in the steps of those who came to America in search for FREEDOM. The foresight of this paragraph escapes our beloved politicians and congress of today. I do not take American freedom for granted, because I had to fight hard to obtain my citizenship. FREEDOM OF SPEECH!-unfathomable in the country I grew up in, for many, while others were convinced that was the name of some western made poison. The communist party of Romania, took such good care of us that we were not all sure about it: Could they really kill us with their poisonous gazettes?

Now I live and dream on the 'land of the free', but I hear of a new threat: poisonous websites- which I cannot and should not evaluate by myself with my feeble mind! Truths that if heard, or read, would "influence (me) unduly"-because what do I know?

Yeah,.. that and talk of walls..."Mr. Gorbachev tear down that..."-wait, what was that?-wall!

"I really don't care do U?"- Yeah, we all kind of do!    


Should we renew tante Aurora?

Time travel isn't supposed to be happening, right?Today we can renew ourselves; routinely we hear stories of people who are 116 years old and within a two hour surgical procedure they are transformed to look, feel and be 16 again.

The Machine has made that possible for us! The subject has become mundane, the process of creating a new body for the old brain with just a vile of blood and symbiotic liquid, is now a well established technology, with no glitches anymore.

Should we do it without a doubt, or is this something we should ask society about?

If tante Aurora one day comes home looking like a kid, are we obligated to still love her? Should we accept her impositions and still consider her the elder, or should we decide that she is supposed to fight life again like the rest of us? Are the authorities: police, FBI, etc. Alone to give their permission or is her family and friends entitled to an explanation and request for an approval as well?

Sure, we are all entitled to reach the Mathusalemic age, but should our old support system be disrupted and shocked or should we decide together how and when to renew? What if she has the tendencies of a serial killer, what if she wants your life, and that of the kids to suit her please and not yours or their own? Should we decide together on some boundaries, on how things are going to be done in the future and how much we can accept, how much we can not? Should she renew herself to be 16 again or 47, is it her saying alone? Should we venture our opinion, should it be asked, demanded or necessary? These questions will help us understand the 'threat" of the little old lady, or are they nearly never enough?

This Sentence Starts The Story contest entry

The essay is conceived to be an article written by the fictional character Dulkina, the superior minded woman whose IQ the 'machine' calculated to be 380.

Her DNA makes the BIG THOUGHT READING MACHINE possible, she is a prisoner of society who wants her alive only for long enough to be able to program another 'anchor'. Every thing from curing cancer to renewing people is now possible due to her DNA and many people hate her. She professes journalism and communicates both through telepathy and through her writings what she foresees for the world she loves and fears at the same time.    


Chatting with the muse

I never wrote stories before,

But I have subjects galore.

Little nothings I could describe

Every time I feel the writing vibe.

Metaphoric and confused,

The poet is bemused.

Because every time he thinks a rhyme

The poem becomes just a line

So, he says 'what can I do?'

'When all I write about is you'

-Find a subject more diverse

-Place your frustration in verse

And when you can see 'the lines'

Of the story that 'sublimes'

The words come easy, you're verbose

But you would rather write in prose.

Place yourself more In the zone,

To not miss out on the scene,

Which will give good contest entries

The prize of writers without envies.

The story line I chose today

To write about a poem's way,

Of touching hearts like blooms of May.

The poem is descriptive and as goes the narrative,

The man and woman seem addictive.

However: muse and story line

Again, are failing to sublime

Again, the subject line is dry

While nobody understands why,

This poet wrote some verse before,

Moved me to tears even more,

Better should have kept away

This contest entry will not sway.

The voting public will be 'brave'

In stoic manner they'll behave

And never give reviews that rave.

To what avail do they confuse,

Verbosity with writing muse?

To what avail do they pretend

In stupid writing to contend:

'Find satisfaction till the end'.

Captivated when they attend

Appendices that do amend

The thirst for rhythm and for rhyme

She is again... 'sublime'.

However, story seems ...not such

That one would say...or even catch...

The predicates are too...predictive

And look how he has rhymed "addictive".

I think five stars I should admiring

Offer for the subject and starting,

The middle content-I find... lacking

The ending... needs some mending.

But, all in all...enchanting.

Latest works


Poetry and Photography Books

Poetry In Color was the first in a series of now five manuscripts of poetry and photography books.


About Blogging

This website is meant to be an artistic one.  I would like to know the readers opinion about my essays, poems, pictures and digital art, etc.  This is not going to be a news blog in any way.  I would like to encourage everybody to use elegant language, so that we can all enjoy each other's opinions.


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