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My Poetry My Life



"I raised my head, measured the ground,

Truth to be told, I never bowed"




Poetry was the first of my artistic talents that I started with.  I wrote my first poem in my early forties, it is entitled "Just Words"  and was published in a collection book entitled Who's Who of Poetry.

About Politics

Although I have my own political ideas, I am not a politician, nor will I ever be.  This is a literary website, not a news blog.  My objective is to offer my readers food for thought, not complete or alternative solutions to mundane problems.


Digital Painting

Digital Painting came about when the software Fresh Paint came for free with one of my tablets.  I wanted to try the software and now, I have a small portfolio.  




All photography published in my books and manuscripts is my own.  I inspire myself from artists as Peter Lik, Annie Leibovitz etc.  I try to play with the light, but I never can follow any rules.  I just capture what I like.


The house in Arnold


Our weekend house in the mountains, described in poems and in some of Dulkina's essays, is where I wrote many of my poems.

Travel and vacation

My husband and I enjoy visiting museums, site seeing, exterior and interior architecture and weekends in the mountains.  The featured photograph this week, is the Brancusi exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art, Washington D.C.



The Big Thought Reading Machine (Fiction or Not Here is What I Got)  is the manuscript for a SciFi novel.  The principal character, Dulkina, is a superhero, with an extremely high IQ, about several times that of the overage individual.  She is kept by society in a state of semi slavery, she is dubbed "the cow" and is the anchor of the Big Thought Reading Machine.  



Not having gone for my PhD in Economics, not having gone to Law School and gaining weight.  But life is not over.



DYSTOPIAN, the continuation to The Big Thought Reading Machine (Fiction or Not Here is What I Got)  is now  published and available on Amazon and other retailers.  Some chapters in the book are entitled:  The Pursuit of Happiness, Love, What is Goauldism, The Asteroid Games, etc.



The Big Thought Reading Machine (Fiction or Not Here is What I Got)  is now  published and available on Amazon and other retailers.


Fiction Or Not This Is What I Got The Game

The Game, the continuation to Fiction or Not Here is What I Got is a new project.  Some working chapter titles of the book are entitled:  .1. The Asteroid Games of 2019

2. The leaving from the planet

3. The animal people

4. The chicken children

5. The portal

6. The inventions

7. How the game was played before

8. Are there multiple Prokhorovs or not?

9. The destruction of the environment

10. The fires and the criminal neglect by the Brazilians

11. The Napalm fires set by the RSS

12. The former queen of Spain and her nefarious network of spies

13. The salacity of the kings and queens of the world

14. The international disregard for the wishes of the free people.

15. The immorality of the ‘democratic’ political campaigns of 2019

16. The Kid prodigy and the parade of charlatans

17. The Gypsies

18. The make believers call for atheism

19. The ‘Mad, Mad, Mad’ world of 2019

20. The Tweets and the ‘labeling’ of the “fake news” have consequences

21. ‘It was a Game’

22. The immorality of the game organizers

23. There once was freedom of speech

24. The whole world demands ‘Freedom of the mind, body and spirit’


Research so far is focused on human rights and news of the day.




My books are published by XLibris and PageTurner.  Readersmagnet and PageTurner are promoters for Poetry in Color.


What our readers are saying


Readers say: “a fascinating story going here!… Full marks for creative imagination!… Great imagination and writing… this is an intriguing story and premise… I found the imagery to be fantastic and it brought me into a realm of a computerized fantasy, almost like the movie where everyone's plugged into a network and the new reality is not reality at all… this story, … reminds me of political satire and books such as "Animal Farm" or "Brave New World… Quite an interesting story that is well written and makes for a good read"



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